This is US

Driven by kindness, fuelled by fun;
we do good, differently.

We exist to make a meaningful difference. We believe in the goodness of humankind and that people do
genuinely want to help those in need. We also know there’s a lot to be said for fun and entertainment.

So in 2020, we partnered with Fund My Challenge; a challenge app that raises money for charities and those in
need, by leveraging the influence of people to drive generosity like never before.

We connect those wanting to implement change and make a difference, with celebrity ambassadors who have the ability to ensure a cause is seen and supported by as many people as possible, and we do it through fun and entertaining challenges.

Transparency underpins everything we do. From how we operate, to the charities we partner with. Because we are for the people, we are part of your community.

Fund My Challenge exists to inspire and empower people to do good, differently. We’re proud to say we want to change the world. And with our community, we will.

Our Culture


Our Essence

To inspire a global community of world changers, who use connection, kindness and love to change the our planet for good.

Our Vibe

Global Awakening exists to inspire, empower and encourage people to do good, differently.


Our Promise

We do what we do in the name of love, gratitude and kindness, always.

Our Agreed Values