The Global Awakening – What Sets Us Apart


The Global Awakening is our not-for-profit arm – it’s what built the Fund My Challenge platform as a vehicle that creates for change and does good, differently.

All donations made through Fund My Challenge are paid to The Global Awakening, a not-for-profit deductible gift recipient registered with the ACNC (Australian Commission and Not-for-profit Commission).

We are a charity that manages the giving process. The Global Awakening holds funds made through Fund My Challenge and distributes them to our charities. This means we can protect our donors by holding charities accountable, ensuring these funds go exactly where they should and in a timely manner.

The core function of The Global Awakening is to transform the way charities raise funds and awareness by providing them accessibility and immediacy.

Thanks to the Global Awakening, our charities have access to over 54 high profile ambassadors and influencers. This number is only growing, meaning charities can broadcast our community’s messages widely and ensuring we can continue to raise money for those who need it most.

This means charities are not burdened by the costs of creating campaigns or hiring marketing teams and influencers to spread their message.

Our charities also receive funds fast. Once a challenge is completed, the charities are paid at the end of the following month following trustee approval.

We set up this non-for-profit so we can change the world. In order to do that, we ensured we aren’t limited by our constitution.

For funds raised directly for The Global Awakening, we are out there changing the world by helping everyday, grassroots people in need.

“We can go and help someone in a wheelchair, someone who lost their home to a fire, flood victims – we’re not bound by a genre or a specific cause,” says Dan, Chief Operations Officer.

“The Global Awakening helps those who need it today, not tomorrow.”

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