Why we Exist

First and foremost we exist to make a difference and to help charities, causes and people in need.

Global Awakening directs funds to where they are needed most, and we achieve this by working closely with our Charity partners, all of whom have passed a stringent vetting process.

We have identified that donors deserve and increasingly want to know that the money they are donating, is actually being utilised to assist the cause which originally caught their attention and tugged on their heart-strings. Global Awakening has established stringent vetting processes to ensure that your contributions aren’t being used to pay over inflated fees and wages, or on exorbitant expenses.

Separate to this document, you can review our charity vetting process, which clearly explains how we onboard charities, work with them, and hold them accountable upon receiving donated funds from our community.

Why were Different


We invite people, groups and organisations to actively engage with the fundraising process and not just enter their credit card details. Furthermore we provide a voice to causes which might otherwise be lost in the crowd by providing an amplification platform through our exclusive ambassador model.


We put transparency before transaction with a strict vetting process which ensures that we only work alongside charities who freely disclose how the money they raise is spent. We instil confidence in our community, that the funds they help raise is going exactly where it’s supposed to.


We invest in our charities like they invest into their community. We not only qualify charities onto our platform, we ensure donated funds go where they are supposed to, and we celebrate the achievements of the Fund My Challenge donations.

How we Protect our Donors

By having a resolution by the recipient charity that they will commit all FMC community donors funds to their charitable purpose, we have eliminated the biggest barrier to giving and reinstated consumer trust in the giving process.

Our fixed administration fee model provides our community with peace of mind that the money collected is going directly to the cause, charity or person in need. We protect our communities’ donations from being wasted on red tape and other money wasting. We don’t grow or operate outside our conforming model, if it doesn’t fit our model it simply doesn’t fit.

When donors make a $100 donation, the Global Awakening Fund sends between 98.3% to 100% of donations directly to the charity dependent on the merchant provider and if including fees are within or on top of the donation.

Together we Change the World

The Global Awakening has been created to be one of the most robust, vetted and honest Charity platforms on the planet.

We’ve entered the charity arena as we believe there needs to be an adequate system in place to manage the flow of donations correctly and honestly. We protect our communities donations by only raising money for charities which meet our stringent vetting process- currently only 7.8% of vetted charities qualify to be on our platform.

We then hold the receiving charities accountable on what they’re spending our communities’ donations on.

This is how we change the world, by simply qualifying charities, and managing the flow and usage of donations.

Be a world changer, join our community and together we will make a difference when and where it’s needed!!